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Singer-songwriter, 1950s-inspired guitarist, and loop-maker Emma Hunter, together with the trip-hop-inspired percussionist Tom Bruce, create complexly evocative soundscapes, filled with dramatic Lynchian atmosphere. 

Intricate melodies and rich Chanteuse-Esque harmonies lie at the heart of every darkly imaginative soundscape crafted to indulge the listener in sun-blistered cinematic escapism. 


Emma Hunter is an experienced singer and songwriter, with performances at the main stage of Truck Festival under her belt and extensive touring experience in her former bands. PJ Harvey, David Lynch OSTs, Imogen Heap, Ennio Morricone, Portishead, The Shangri-Las, the mysticism of Ancient Mexico and Catholic imagery coalesce in her collective of muses. Sharon Van Etten and Anna Calvi are her most prolific comparisons.


Tom Bruce is a highly-in-demand drummer who spent much of his youth playing percussion in orchestras; consequently, he plays in several bands in Oxfordshire that seek his Blur & Radiohead-inspired percussive flair. The two artists joined forces in March 2019. Since, they have played the main stage of Truck Festival, Cornbury Festival, the Oxford 02 Academy, The Bullingdon Arms and other venues across Oxford and London. They frequently feature on BBC Radio Oxford and have been played on radio stations in over 30 countries throughout the world. 


“Emma Hunter has a voice to die for. Seriously, it is a magical thing: a swooping, swooning bird of the night, one moment soaring and all-powerful, the next something smaller, more fragile. - Nightshift Magazine 


“‘Here I Go’ demonstrates how seriously Emma Hunter takes her responsibility of creating light from the dark with the narrative that artfully extends the conversation around domestic violence by a perceptive-shifting length. As the guitar tones insidiously creep, the trepidation transfixes.” – A&R Factory

Watch their live real here... 

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